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Carpet Estimating and Fitting

Why spend so much time saving your pennies and pounds for a lovely new carpet only to economise on getting it nicely fitted? Let’s face it, it’s a bit like buying a nice bottle of Burgundy and drinking it out of a plastic cup.

To ensure the carpet looks as good in your home as it did in your dreams you should use a professional carpet fitter and make sure they are using a high quality carpet underlay. Just so you know you aren’t going to overstretch yourself you should obtain an estimate of the cost of fitting. Below are a few tips to ensure that you receive a job worthy of your new carpet and home:


An estimate is far more accurate when your carpet supplier visits your home so that they know exactly what they are dealing with. Then he can accurately measure the room, assess any problems and judge just how long it will take. They are the experts on carpet fitting – not you.

The National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers (NICF) trains all its members to exacting standards, the highest accolade being a “Master Fitter”.

When you finally get that quote through the door, make sure it includes the following:

Check which method of fixing the carpet manufacturer recommends. Options can be as varied as tackless fitting, tacked down and stick down.

Remember the total cost of the job is what matters. Offers such as free underlay, free fitting and other inducements are sometimes offset by an increase in cost per metre of the carpet.

Some widths of carpets are wasteful if fitted into small rooms, so make sure that you select the right width for the room. Options are quite limited in standard carpets, so it might well be worth checking to see if your supplier offers varying widths. At least one carpet manufacturer, Ryalux, can offer carpet in any width up to five-metres in one-centimetre increments – the perfect answer for awkward widths or those tiny box rooms.

Carpet Fitting

When your carpet has been fitted go round and check it with the fitter to make sure you are happy with everything. Check the corners and edges for any lifting as this could mean insufficient stretching. If you are not happy, ask the fitter to rectify the problem. Providing you are not being unreasonable, the fitter should be only too happy to help.

For the most intricate fitting jobs, especially matching design repeats and complicated border work, insist upon a fully qualified fitter and ask to see some proof of their experience.


There are a wide range of underlays, door plates and stairrods to chose from. Getting these right can make all the difference to the finished look.

Fitting Carpet Tiles

Fitting carpet tiles takes on a totally different responsibility. Manufacturers such as Heuga and Cavalier Carpets manufacture carpet tiles for domestic use. It is possible to lay these yourself, but professional help is still highly recommended to get the finest in finishes. Dependent on their construction, carpet tiles can be laid in various ways – quarter turn, chequerboard, broadloom and random lay are all possibilities. So if it says any of these on the box and you don’t know what it means then seek professional help.

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