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Special Processes

When it comes to carpet treatments, technology has helped to make your life easier and household brands such as Teflon and Scotchgard are now a common feature of many stain resistant carpets. And it doesn’t stop there, some of the newer chemical and mechanical carpet treatments that are now available on carpets also help to improve performance in other areas. Some of these methods are brought to you by


Meltbond is a yarn and spinning system that makes the most of a low melting temperature fibre, usually 10% polyester, to effectively stick together the fibres of each yarn. The yarn is then subjected to a low heat that fuses the polyester to adjacent fibres creating a web-like structure. This ‘web’ helps to minimise fluffing and improves the long term appearance of the carpet.

There are various names used by manufacturers for this and similar processes – Woolbond, Wool Loc, Tuft-Loc, Twist-Loc, Texture-Loc, Yarn-Loc, Superbond, Fibrebond and Tuftbond are to name a few.

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Stain Blockers

Now these are what helps your carpet to fight off spills and dirt and they can either be applied to the fibre before it is turned into carpet, or they can be applied to the finished article. Some professional carpet cleaners can also treat your carpets after they have been installed.

No manufacturer worth their salt will claim that their treatments fight off every stain known to man and the effectiveness depends on the stain itself, the heat of the staining liquid and the minutes, hours or days that pass before the stain gets what it deserves.

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