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Invista, Antron® Carpet Fibre

INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated fibres and polymers businesses with a global presence.

Antron® carpet fibre is one of the most recognised fibre brand in the commercial floor-covering industry and remains one of the strongest available fibre for carpet construction. 

Since its introduction, Antron® carpet fibre has been meeting the needs of architects, designers and building owners who specify the product for their commercial interiors. Known as the industry’s leading commercial carpet fibre, Antron® carpet fibre products provide unsurpassed performance, sustainability and aesthetics. Antron® carpet fibre nylon 6.6 products include Antron®, Antron® Excel, and solution dyed Antron® Excel SC. 

The Antron® carpet fibre product line is one of the largest, most comprehensive commercial fibre line available, offering virtually unlimited styling options and performance benefits.

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