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Abingdon Flooring Ltd
Adam Carpets
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Axminster Carpets
Bond Worth Ltd
Brintons Ltd
Brockway Carpets
Calderdale Carpets
Carpets of Kidderminster
Cavalier Carpets
Clarendon Carpets
Cormar Carpets
Fairbank Textiles
Fleetwood Fox Ltd
Furlong Flooring
Gaskell Woolrich
Georgian Carpets
Headlam Flooring Distribution
Kingsmead Carpets
Manx Carpets
Mayfield Carpets
Penthouse Carpets
Solva Woollen Mill
Mr Tomkinson
Ulster Carpets Ltd
Westex Carpets
Whitestone Weavers
Thomas Witter UK
Woodward Grosvenor
The Wooll Rug Co
Wools of Cumbria Carpets


High Tech Carpets PTY Ltd


Balta Industries
Tapibel NV


HaimaCarpet Co
Shanhua Carpet Group


Edel Tapijt BV


Fabryka Dywanow Agnella


Abu Dhabi National Carpets


Earthweave Carpet Mills
Hibernia Woolen Mills Ltd
Langhorne Carpet Co

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British Wool Marketing Board

The first choice for carpets for over 400 years, British Wool is in fact many different types of wool from many different breeds.

Acknowledged by carpet manufacturers as providing the best performance attributes British Wool is extremely resilient, hard wearing and resistant to soiling. It is also less prone to static than many other fibres and does not readily support combustion.

British Wool is to be found as the major component of carpets specified for prestigious and heavy wear locations that demand long lasting good looks and high safety standards.

Some of the most famous shops, theatres and public buildings around the world are fitted with British Wool carpets provided by some of the best known carpet manufacturers in the UK.

The same British Wool is used in carpets destined for more ordinary homes, especially where hard wear and good looks are just as important.

British Wool carpets can be found in every construction, texture and style and you can see a selection.

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