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Charles Crossley


This particular structure allows an excellent selection of design and colour with inherent value for money since all the expensive pile yarn is in the top of the carpet and, therefore, available for use. It is only traditional weaving methods coupled with craftsmanship which can produce a high quality carpet.

Quality is the company's watchword and being a small company we can concentrate on ensuring that the quality of every carpet we produce is of the highest order. Another factor in total quality control is that around half the employees own shares in the company, a good incentive to ensure that what we produce is first rate.

Quality and Craftsmanship

We take pride that every carpet is produced with the very best of materials, experience and care. The exceptional finish is achieved through a process of cropping three times on the in-house cropping machine and hand inspection of the carpet surface.


We appreciate the benefits of technological facilities to ensure the highest standards of manufacture and service. These include the use of a camera to locate missing ends in weaving and computer aided design and colour facilities to meet all customer requirements.

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Charles Crossley & Co,
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W Yorks BD13 1QG
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