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How to Choose the Right Carpet for Baby's Room

Choosing the right flooring for your baby's bedroom is not an easy task. You need to consider a lot of factors and first of all you need to decide whether you want to go for hard flooring or carpet.

Advantages of Choosing Carpet for Baby's room

Carpeting your baby's room means you will increase the sound insulation and energy saving of the room. A good pile carpet will also provide more comfort and less pressure on gentle joints for crawlers, toddling feet and will protect your baby from getting sore bums with every fall.

A good non-slip carpet can also prove safer for babies and toddlers than a hard floor. Contrary to some common beliefs, a deep pile carpet can actually work better trapping allergens than a hard floor, which allow allergens to circulate around the room. Carpet fibres are proven to trap the dust and allergens into the pile until released by vacuuming. A good cleaning routine based on everyday vacuum cleaning and immediate removal of stains can work a lot better for a person with high sensitivity to allergens, such as a baby.

Besides, if you go for an all coordinated nursery, a coordinated carpet would be the natural choice, too. Carpets come in virtually unlimited shapes and colours, plus you can now even find one that features your child's favourite character.

Above all, a carpet is a lot easier to remove and replace if the result of all those little burping accidents, potty training steps, organic yoghurt spills and latest non-toxic paint collection prove too devastating.

Advantages of Choosing Hard Floors for Baby's room

Simply put, the advantages of hard floors are surpassed by the advantages of having a carpet in baby's room.

You are likely to choose hard floors for your baby's room if the floor throughout your house is also hard floors. While hard wood or laminate - since it's highly unlikely that you would even consider ceramic or marble tiles for your baby's bedroom - is easier to clean, it is not necessarily the cleanest (see above about anti-allergic qualities of the carpet). The mop is for hard floors what soothers are for babies and nowadays most laminate floorings are stain resistant too, so if you're looking for easy maintenance, consider wood flooring.

Hard floors are better for families with pets. If you have a dog or a cat who just loves visiting your baby's bedroom on every occasion, then you will probably find it highly frustrating that hairs will still remain trapped in the pile even after the third vacuuming of the day. In the case of an asthmatic child, this can become increasingly problematic.

Finally, if you've invested in hardwood flooring all over your house, it's likely that you wish to coordinate your baby's bedroom. In this case, why not combine both sets of advantages and use a high quality, deep pile, non-slip and non-allergic, 100% wool rug.

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