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Carpet as you've never seen it before

"Choose what car you want, pick a colour and what extras you want included."
"Book a holiday, fly when and from where you like, for as long as you wish and stay where you want."

These are just two examples of how consumer demands of today are changing and developing.

People now expect to have the option to choose almost every experience or product tailored to their own particular requirements and many industries have taken the hint. The carpet industry is no exception, and manufacturers now offer an even greater selection of quality soft floor coverings.

Comfort from William Pownall


So vast and diverse are the many carpet ranges now available that new customers can basically choose a soft comfortable carpet to match their exact requirements - off the shelf.

No longer is there a choice of just 10 standard colours, one width, one quality in one design, there are now thousands of options available to meet every taste and demand...

Cavalier Carpets is just one manufacturer to recognize this developing market.

Cavalier now produce over 12 attractive ranges offering 1000’s of colours, a considerable range of textures, across a wide pricing spectrum.

For example, the Cavalier Debut Collection has 192 different options. 24 colours, two widths and four different weights permit customers to choose which is most suitable for their requirements. Made with a blend of 80% Wool, 10% Nylon and 10% Polyester for hardwear and ease of cleaning, the Debut Collection is available in 4m and 5m to avoid wastage and unsightly seams.

The Cavalier Natural Beauty Range in 100% resilient wool also offers a considerable choice of colour and design options. With four natural colours across six textures, customers can choose from an impressive range to ensure they enjoy exactly the carpet they desire.

Furthermore, the Double Decade Range from Cavalier is available 20 subtle shades, two weights, and three designs and comes with a 20 year warranty. If this is not enough, for added choice, order over 50 square metres and you can have any colour you like.

Axminster Carpet too has broadened their product range to offer an enviable range of carpets to meet modern demands.

Complementing their famous patterned carpet ranges, Axminster Carpets have also launched a range of plains. Recently joining the Moorland Heather Plains Range is Devonia Plains, a 48 colour palette collection made with 80% wool and 20% nylon. For this range, Axminster teamed with up with Crown paints to provide advise on matching wall colours and carpets. Devonia Plains is available in 4m and 5m widths.

Devonia Plains from Axminster Carpets


With the growing demand for sisal effect carpet, Tintawn Carpets have developed their Simply Natural Range to provide a 100% wool alternative. Sisal and sea grass floor coverings are ever popular, but can be difficult to clean and hard underfoot. The Simply Natural Ribgrass range from Tintawn offers 30 attractive colour combinations to offer a quality textured look with the benefit of the hardwearing and comfort qualities of wool.

Double Decade in Matinex Design from Cavalier Carpets


Finally, Pownall Carpets latest ranges offer the perfect carpet option for any room of the house.

Treat Your Feet comprises of three distinctively chunky ranges each available in 10 of the most popular colours including beiges, creams and golds.

H2O is their bathroom carpet range. H2O, made with a yarn of soft comfortable 80% polypropylene / 20% Nylon and available in a choice of three qualities and 16 subtle colours, also incorporates the unique Ultra Fresh and Ultra Care technology to resist mildew and bacteriological growth in this traditionally damp atmosphere, providing the ideal bathroom carpet.

Comfort is the latest range from Pownall, developed to offer an extensive range of options. Made with 80% Wool and 20% Nylon for it hard wearing qualities, the Comfort Range is available in 20 colours, two widths (4m and 5m) and two qualities, bringing a further 80 options to the shelves of leading carpet retailers.

So whatever carpet you are looking for, whether based on colour, texture, pattern, design, width, quality or price you will find one that suits your requirements thanks to the UK carpet manufacturer’s commitment to meeting the increasingly complex demands of the UK customer.