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It could be the soft white wool from New Zealand which gives each carpet a colour so pure and true it is breathtaking.

Perhaps it is the choice of five touchy-feely textures from tough twist pile through smooth velvets to underfoot soft Saxonies and deep shag pile luxury.

Or the hundreds of Ryalux colours to be seen in all good carpet shops and the choice of eleven thicknesses of pile.

But maybe it's the Ryalux special dye service which enables you to create the scheme of your choice with your unique colour and shade - and at no extra charge for orders over 20 sq metres.

Some say it is the added value given to Ryalux carpets through the many special processes such as Wool-Loc and exclusive Woolgard, all designed to add lasting good looks.

Could it be the endorsement of the National Carpet Cleaners Association or the accolade of the Decorwool and Fernmark awards?

Or the cost saving any-width service that comes as standard. That is, any width to 5 metres in multiples of one centimetre. Think how this can save waste, minimise or completely eradicate unsightly seams and with little or no waste there is an automatic cost saving. This standard service on all Ryalux carpets is anything but standard for other carpets. Even Ryalux patterned carpets can be ordered in any width right up to 5 metres wide - the only patterned carpets in the world that can.

Ryalux carpets are special, so special that the Victoria and Albert Museum in London have designated Ryalux to be the only carpet company in the world allowed to use the coveted V&A brand.