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Companion Twist

Companion Twist Clover
80% wool, 10% nylon, 10% polyester with Texture-Loc by Victoria, tel: 01562 823400

Said to be the most practical carpet texture, the twist pile look is still the interior designer's favourite floorcovering. First developed in the late 1930s as an alternative to plain velvet pile Wiltons, the twist texture, with its tightly spun yarn, provided a slightly rougher surface while still maintaining the plain look.

Velvet pile, then, as now, tended to show shading and foot marks more readily and these are avoided to a certain degree with twist pile. Of course, every pile surface will show 'shading', this is to be expected. Whether the pile is chenille table cloths, suede shoes or fine Chinese rugs, all pile fibres will bend under pressure, and it is foolish to expect anything else, but twist pile shows this phenomenon less than most.

These days, the twist pile look includes every fibre from wool to man-mades, and each has its own individual characteristics and advantages. Wool and wool-rich blends are generally acknowledged to be the yardstick. In the right density they are soft yet hardwearing, warm and comfortable to walk on and, as wool does not support combustion, they are generally the safest. Man-made fibres also have specific attributes. Most are exceptionally tough and this allows less fibre to be used without diminishing the wearing potential. The old perception of man-made fibres being more prone to soiling is no longer valid as many of these carpets have added stain and spill protection.

The biggest trend however is in the expansion of colour choice. The soft muted shades associated with wool have been joined by the bright, almost fluorescent colours made possible by man-made fibres. Well over 30 million square metres of twist pile carpets are bought every year making it the most popular single style and there is no sign of slowing down. The 400 members of the The National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers (NICF), consider twist pile to be 'fitter friendly' - no trouble and no nasty surprises. In fact, the combination of a quality twist pile and NICF qualified fitter could be the best investment you could make in the decoration of your home.