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The Chatsworth Collection


Chatsworth, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, has for over 400 years been witness to the evolution of fashionable interior design. The magnificent house and its gardens attracts thousands of visitors who come to admire, appreciate and be inspired by its elegance and beauty.

Chatsworth however, is a family home which, like all family homes, has been altered over the years to reflect changing tastes in interior decoration and in which pictures and furniture from other houses have arrived and settled where they look best.

The Chatsworth Estate is also home to flocks of hardy sheep, whose versatile wool is ideally suited for carpets and furnishings. Resilient British Wool has been used in carpets since around the time that Bess of Hardwick started to build Chatsworth in 1553 and it is still used to make some of the worlds finest floorcoverings. It is still used to make some of the world's finest floorcoverings. Now, the Lomas Carpets Company, manufacturers of fine quality carpets, has produced a range befitting the heritage of Chatsworth.

The Chatsworth Collection of carpets uses only the best British wool, including wool from the Chatsworth Estate, blended with high-tec man-made fibres.

Devonshire Twist is a natural choice to introduce the new Chatsworth Collection. Inspired by the treasures of Chatsworth and its gardens, the extensive colour palette contains 76 beautiful shades that will enhance any interior scheme.

Devonshire Twist incorporates Wool-Loc, exclusive to Lomas Carpets Ltd, which bonds all the fibres in the yarns together to ensure that it will keep its good looks for years to come.

Devonshire Twist is made in two qualities and two widths each available in 76 colours.