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HeugaAdd a Splash of Colour to your Floor!

If you are feeling a bit down about your dull floor, why not bring some life into your house by adding a splash of colour with FLOR by heuga?

The vibrant, exciting carpet tiles are designed to let you run wild with your imagination; they work well in every room of the house and the variety of colours allows you to do whatever you want.  You can please every family member with their very own colour scheme in bedrooms, for example, and replace the flooring easily whenever fashions, seasons or your furniture styles change!  

Colour is THE new trend for flooring - but you don't need to completely rid yourself of your expensive hard flooring.  Make a statement and add your own rug, zone, border or whole room - FLOR by heuga perfectly complements hard flooring for a truly fashionable look.

Pictured is the Tender Touch range which boasts a great range of thrilling, bright colours - from warm sunflower yellow to deep cherry red - and each tile features a flecked appearance to give your floor a luxurious, rich sheen.

To see the vast ranges that FLOR by heuga has to offer, please call freephone number, 00800 4384 2266 or visit www.florbyheuga.com where you can locate your nearest store, order free samples and buy products direct from the website.

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