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HeugaGo for "Instant Impact" with FLOR by heuga

New collection now available

Think on your feet with the chic new carpet collection from modular flooring experts FLOR by heuga. "InstantImpact" offers a fresh, fun and funky selection of on-trend colours, perfect for making uniquely personal combinations to achieve the design statement that's right for you. In a luxurious loop pile that uses the very latest yarn technology, InstantImpact offers all the versatility, practicality and style for which FLOR by heuga is renowned.

The palette features ten uplifting colours through a spectrum of cool blue-greys and warm earthy neutrals, to bright accents of pink, green, orange and red. The intriguing effect created by the colour contrast within the pile of each tile adds an extra dimension to InstantImpact, and can help to achieve the kind of expansive look offered by a broadloom weave.

Designer Elisabeth Arndt found her inspiration in riotous strands of fancy ribbons, pan scourers and the burst and sparkle of fizzy drinks, and this vibrant, eclectic source is playfully reflected in a flooring solution that's ideal for contemporary lifestyles. The colours are designed to either stand alone or tone together in any variety of combinations and are enticingly named to whet the design appetite!

On the new yarn technology, Elisabeth continues, "It's a mixture of a fluffy intermingled yarn and a highly twisted one, which creates a really new look for carpet fibre, the product is at once smooth, yet highly textured and the performance is very strong. These yarns are manufactured in a single production step, which is technically revolutionary."

With InstantImpact, not only can you create a seamless impression in either a single colour block or in any pattern - from simple borders, to striking geometry, to a full chequerboard effect - but the beauty of the modular tile system means that should any damage occur, you can simply and subtly replace the small affected area only. FLOR by heuga gives you the freedom to adapt each collection to your own specific needs, with a product that's easy to choose, order, install and care for, bringing lasting enjoyment and value.

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