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Lift your mood with Tonal Trends

The new range of harmonious colours and textures from FLOR by heuga

Heuag Tonal Trends21 new on-trend colours (over 3 carpet ranges) developed by colour expert, Cenk

Modular flooring specialist FLOR by heuga has launched a new collection of beautiful and carefully nuanced colours and textures that bring warmth and serenity - and sophisticated style - to the home, be it in rooms to relax, sleep, play or work in.

Designed by expert textiles colour consultant, Cenk of Cenkstudio, Tonal Trends consists of one entirely new range of loop pile carpet tiles; Basic Beauty and two updated and re-coloured carpet tile ranges: Puzzle Pieces/2 (a smooth cut pile) and Lazy Lounge/2 (a cosy high pile).

"Textile floors" explains Cenk, "play an important role in creating atmosphere, especially in combination with other materials in an interior. The concept of harmony is at the heart of the Tonal Trends range, helping to bring warmth and feeling to contemporary and classic interiors with their tasteful colours."

Altogether, the collection consists of 21 new on-trend colours, each of which falls within one of eight nature-inspired chromatic groupings such as 'earthenware', 'woodcarving', 'foliage' and 'graphite' . These groupings form the basis of the new tones coming through in interiors and design more generally, for example in the latest wallcovering, furnishing and fabric designs from the leading designers and manufacturers. Consequently the new Tonal Trends palette will connect and flow with the other elements that make up a room, ensuring that however adventurous customers choose to be with their carpet design, a harmonious aesthetic will be achieved throughout the scheme.

With such a wide choice of colour across three distinct piles, Tonal Trends offers customers the freedom to mix and match across the ranges and even to create different 'zones' within the same room using colour - or a different pile - for different activities; for example a cosy high-piled area within a sitting room for relaxed lounging or a dining area tiled in a different colour to define it within an open-plan living area.

As with all FLOR by heuga's collections however, when installed Tonal Trends offers a seamless impression whether as a single block colour or in a pattern created using more than one colour from simple borders to striking geometry. What is more, the beauty of the modular tile system means that should any damage occur, only that the small affected area needs to be replaced and can be done so easily and cost-effectively.

Easy to choose, order, install and care for, there is no simpler way of achieving a warm and relaxing environment in which to live, relax and unwind than with the Tonal Trends palette of harmonious colours and sensuously textured tiles.

The Tonal Trends collection of Puzzle Pieces/2 (£39 per m2), Lazy Lounge/2 (£49 per m2) and Basic Beauty (£29 per m2) ranges come in tiles sized 50cm x 50cm.

Stockist information, sample service and design inspiration: www.florbyheuga.com (site includes a virtual room design tool).

Enquiries: contact.uk@florbyheuga.com

International freephone number: 00800 4384 2266

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