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Princetown Natural Plaid from Axminster Carpets

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Client: Axminster Carpets Ltd

Title: Princetown Natural Plaid from Axminster Carpets.

Axminster Carpets, manufacturers of traditional carpets from Axminster in Devon, announce the introduction of the unique Princetown Natural Plaid.

Princetown Natural Plaid is a new concept utilising the natural yarns, normally associated with Axminster’s Dartmoor ranges, to create a soft patterned plaid design specifically for today’s interiors.

Plaid carpets are normally synonymous with stronger tartan colours, but Axminster has drawn on their design expertise to produce a soft "berber style" plaid to provide a practical option in addition to comfort and warmth.

Made with 100% pure new wool, the Princetown Natural Plaid is available in five natural colours which are designed to compliment plains and pattern designs from other Axminster Carpet Ranges.

Available in 12 foot widths, the Princetown Natural Plaid is available from all good carpet retailers from around £40 per square metre.

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