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Devonia Plains... New Interiors from Past Traditions

Release date: January 2004

Client: Axminster Carpets Ltd

Title: Devonia Plains…New Interiors from Past Traditions.

An Exciting and New Interior Concept from Axminster and Crown.

Axminster Carpets of Devon has launched a new plain twist collection called Devonia Plains with inspiration alluding to Axminster’s manufacturing experience combined with a contemporary lifestyle concept.

The range aspires to a soft, fresh, feminine approach and features 48 fashion shades presented in four stories – Landscape; Seascape; Town and Country; Cream Teas – all associated with Devon’s beautiful heritage.

As colour is more important than ever in our lives choosing colour for the home should be relaxed, fun and a great way to express your personality. To enhance and add décor advice to the interior design concept for Devonia Plains, Axminster Carpets have joined forces with the paint company Crown.

Judy Smith, colour consultant for Crown, has created four palettes from the Period Home Collection, to co-ordinate and accent each of the four carpet themes. These suggestions are designed to inspire and help make choices – the final decision should be the ones that are right for the individual.

Created to offer consumers a unique decorating opportunity by presenting paint colours alongside carpet shades, Devonia Plains provides a one stop vehicle of flooring and wall colour harmonisation – Inspiring a "total look" lifestyle concept.

Devonia Plains is available from all good carpet retailers for around £30 per square metre.

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