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Pownall Rustic Expansion

Release date: October 2004

Client: Pownall Carpets

Title: Pownall Rustic Expansion

Pownall Carpets expand the options in the fashionable rustic look in 100% wool.

The popular Rustic Charm and Rustic Charm supreme now offer eight designs in four natural colourways.

Rustic Charm comes in five designs, Rib, Textures, Tones and two new styles, Allure and Woolweave.

Rustic Charm Supreme is the heavier weight alternative, and is available in three designs – the original Loop and the new Berber Loop and Duo Loop. Each offers a choice of four soft natural shades including berbers and heathers.

Both collections are available in 4 and 5 metre width.

Adding to the well known attributes of 100% Wool, warmth, resilience and safety are Pownall’s unique Ultra Care and Ultra Fresh systems.

Ultra Care is specially developed for added protection it needs from everyday spills and splashes.

Ultra Fresh inhibits the growth of common bacteria and protects against odours, fungus, mould and mildew growth and helps control the house dust mite thereby significantly reducing allergen triggers.

Rustic Charm is available from all good carpet shops from around £24 per square metre.

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