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New Comfort with Pownall

Release date: May 2004

Client: Pownall Carpets

Title: New Comfort with Pownall

The new Comfort range of carpets from Pownall enjoys the endorsement of Bagpuss, one of the most family friendly and well-known of TV characters.

The new range of woolrich twist pile textures is backed by an imaginative, and entertaining marketing concept, which uses the popular Bagpuss character to put across the message of underfoot comfort.

"The popular T.V. character Bagpuss is instantly recognized by exactly the same consumer profile as potential purchasers of this type of carpet." explains Maxine Whitham, Pownall Sales and Marketing Director, "And we chose Bagpuss to front this new range as he instantly conveys the Comfort qualities of warmth, cosiness, tradition and timeless charm that people look for in a floorcovering."

The Comfort range is made with 80% British Wool specified for its superior resilience and recovery properties, blended with 20% synthetic for exceptional wear.

Available in two weights: Easy Comfort, a 40 oz cloth recommended for Heavy Use and Extra Comfort, a 55oz carpet suitable for concentrated foot-traffic areas.

Easy Comfort and Extra Comfort come in a choice of twenty colourways, fifteen plain and five heather shades. Both are available in 4 metre and 5 metre widths enabling most rooms to be fitted with the minimum of seams.

The marketing campaign is designed to draw public attention to Pownall retail customers and is carried through bright, colourful point-of-sale, window and door stickers each of which feature Bagpuss and the new Comfort range.

Maxine Whitham added "We are dedicated to help consumers to find the right carpet for them through our retailers shops, and our research identified key areas that help attract the consumer. Through adopting bright, colourful point of sale material associated with a character the public have an affinity with, we aim to offer a brand that consumers can immediately identify, and one which will stand out in a crowd".

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