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Cavalier New Square Dance

Release date:

Client: Cavalier Carpets

Title: Cavalier New Square Dance

Meeting the growing demand for quality carpet which combines the practical benefits of patterns with the elegance of plains is Square Dance from Cavalier Carpets.

Square Dance has a soft, tonal design which is less prone to showing footmarks or the shading associated with plain carpets but at the same time its pattern is as unobtrusive as any plain.

Even the wool-rich yarn in Square Dance is special. Spun with integral slubs, which gives it a handspun effect, this variegated yarn adds an extra element to the everyday performance of Square Dance.

Square Dance is available in a choice of 10 colourways, 4 and 5 metres wide and is recommended for Heavy Domestic use.

Available nationally from all good carpets shops from around £29 sq metre.

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