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A Recycling Revolution from Axminster Carpets

Axminster FeltAxminster Carpets has a reputation for manufacturing outstanding carpets with unrivalled quality, but a growing number of people are now recognising that it also produces one of the most environmentally friendly carpet underlays in existence.

With more and more homeowners turning green, Axminster Carpets' Axfelt underlay is proving a major hit with environmentally conscious consumers, selling over 40,000 rolls covering an estimated 600,000 square metres of floors in 2007 alone.

Within this 12 month period, Axminster Carpets took some 160,000 cubic feet of waste yarn and carpet and 80,000 cubic feet of recycled car and lorry tyres and turned them into a carpet underlay that not only saves valuable landfill space, but that is also excellent for the carpet it resides under bringing extra foot caring comfort and improved durability.

With a fleece to floor operation centred in the South-West, it is not only the underlay that comes with this environmental edge.  Manufactured right here in the UK, the impact of Axminster Carpets Woven products and Axfelt underlay on the environment through transport, is also kept suitably low.

The efforts of Axminster Carpets do not end there.  Demand is so high that new machinery is soon to be installed and as Axminster themselves continue to reduce waste output from their own production facility, they are having to buy in waste material from other carpet manufacturers to meet the demand, resulting in an extra 60,000 cubic feet of carpet waste and 30,000 cubic feet of used tyres being transformed into high performance, comfort inducing Axfelt underlay.

With a room warming TOG rating of 2.2 and an ear pleasing acoustic rating of 32dB, Axfelt's Luxury Domestic Use rating makes it suitable for all areas in the home and the underlay comprises a top layer of 95% wool fibre (yarn and carpet waste), a middle layer of 50% wool (more carpet waste) and 50% other fibres, and a supporting base layer of 100% rubber crumb - the recycled car and lorry tyres. This combination of both post-industrial and post-consumer recycled content makes Axfelt the perfect combination underlay for any part of the home.

Axfelt underlay retails for around £5 per square metre.

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