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Axminster Training Initiative

Release date: March 2003

Client: Axminster Carpets

Title: Axminster Training Initiative – Selling with Confidence

Axminster Carpets commitment to quality through the whole carpet purchasing process has been further strengthened by their hosting of an extensive tailor made training programme.

The three day courses, run by Ray Morgan of the Flooring Guild, are open to any Retail staff who wish to improve their knowledge of the processes employed in the manufacture of Axminster, Wilton and Tufted carpets.

The first of these regular courses took place recently under the banner “Selling with Confidence”. The course also includes a tour of the company’s comprehensive Spinning and Dyeing Mill at Buckfast, completing all the steps in manufacture from preparing the raw material, through spinning, dyeing and carpet construction, including design and product development.

Colour co-ordination, carpet maintenance, and sales training techniques are all included in the course which is designed to install confidence in retail executives and as a result improve their sales ability and the quality of service provided to the consumer.

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