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DuPont™ Antron® For Milliken Styles

Release date: November 2002

Client: Dupont

Title: DuPont™ Antron® For Milliken Styles

Milliken are now using DuPont™ Antron® BCF nylon 6.6 yarns for all their best selling loop styles, re-launched recently with a number of new performance and environmentally related upgrades.

Incorporating DuPont™ Teflon® to provide a durable long term soil repellency and making everyday soiling easier to vacuum out, Teflon® also ensures spills can be mopped up before they penetrate pile fibres. In addition, Milliken D-Stain™ technology prevents liquid spills from leaving permanent stains on the carpet.

All these high performance loops are now available with the new Comfort Plus2 backing to absorb the impact of foot traffic, reducing fatigue, minimising noise, and reducing pile wear. This backing is made from recycled materials providing a lighter weight sustainable carpeting solution.

The wide range of colours and designs available reflects the benefits of the Millitron technology, combined with the styling expertise at Milliken.

Milliken have also used DuPont™ Antron® nylon 6.6 staple fibres in their fusion bonded styles since they were first produced in the UK, nearly twenty years ago. These fusion bonded styles provide unlimited creative designs in a luxurious smooth cut pile finish, with exceptional clarity of pattern.

DuPont™ Antron® trilobal fibres are specially engineered to give high wear performance, colour clarity and lifelong static protection for carpet tiles in tough commercial environments.

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