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Free Listings and Links for Carpet Retailers

Since it's first click in 1997 the Carpet Information Centre website has become the leading independent carpet site in the UK with visitor numbers running in the millions.

"Carpet retailers" is the second most popular search term for visitors arriving on the site (after "Choosing a Carpet") but maintaining the Carpet Retailer list has become a task in itself so we're handing the job over to you.

FREE Listing

If you haven't already done so, please check your entry (here) and then let us know what, if anything, needs updating or amending using the Retailer Form. We'll need a valid e-mail address to confirm that you are who you say you are and that's all.


In addition, you can have your address entry linked to a page on your own site. It still won't cost you anything but we will need you to add a text link to us from somewhere in your site to qualify - this benefits us as well as you.

What Links?

To qualify for the free link you will need to add one of the following phrases (which you may well already have) to your site and link it to the relevant page on Carpetinfo (for those who are interested, these are known as "long-tail keywords" and are much favoured by search engines.)

We'll send you the details with confirmation of any other changes but the phrases are:

If you have static html site we can probably do the changes for you.

You might as well - there really is NO CATCH