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Laying Carpet Tiles

Easy to cut and lay yourself

One of the beauties of carpet tiles is the ease with which you can cut and lay them yourself - so you do not have to budget for expensive fitting costs. This also means that you can design your own floor scheme producing stunning effects with colours, patterns and even inset shapes.

Three golden rules to remember before you start are:

Tools are the key to a successful finish, so make sure you have: a Stanley knife, a template (if required), metal ruler or straight edge, double-sided carpet tape, string and chalk. Gather all the necessary equipment together before you start.

Ensure the floor is completely clean, dry and level as carpet tiles are designed to lay flat naturally. Each tile also has an arrow on the back indicating the direction of the pile - make sure they all point in the same direction when laid if you want to achieve a broadloom seamless effect.

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