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Living Room Carpet Selection

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With all those family occasions, dinners in front of the TV and relaxing afternoons with the Sunday papers, living rooms are prey to high levels of footfall and accidental spillages and stains. No other area of the home will be subject to continual risk from dropped food, excited kids, animals and that evening glass of wine more than the living room and as such it demands a carpet that performs. Not only this, it is also the favourite room for making an impression, so carpets need to look great too.

So you’ve guessed it, it's vital to ensure a hard-wearing carpet for this area. Look for those that offer a high pile density, using 40oz as a minimum guide, and you may want to consider a carpet with a stain-resistant treatment, particularly if you have kids or pets. However, wool and man made carpets have a natural resistance to staining, so as long as you get on the clean-up case as soon as possible, vacuum regularly and get them professionally cleaned on a regular basis you should be okay.

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