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Choosing Carpet by Style

Carpet is all about style and it is pretty darn good at it too. No other flooring can match carpet in terms of colours, patterns and textures and you can get lost in the amount of choice that is out there.

With manufacturers working round the clock to deliver more colours, patterns and textures, you are guaranteed to find something that would be the perfect addition to your home.


You are likely to find a plain carpet of some sort in every home throughout the country and you can take your choice from a whole myriad of textures in virtually any colour you could think of.

Some manufacturers have even gone as far as offering a bespoke colour service so that you can match your interior perfectly, much like you can do with paint at your local DIY store. Ryalux for one offers this service, but if you don’t have a particular shade of plum in your mind, then many ranges have a wide colour palette.
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Say patterned carpets to many and they think of garish florals or highly detailed twists and knots. Patterned carpet has come along way since those early axminsters. Carpet manufacturers are now seeing a return to patterned carpets within the home, thanks to designers such as Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley, but with an altogether more subtle attitude.

Patterned carpets differ from region to region. Many in the north prefer more traditional styles in bolder tones while the south is one for beige, beige and more beige.

Patterned carpets are split into traditional, borders, pin dots and others.


Many woven and tufted carpets incorporate different shades of the same colour yarn to create small designs. This generates what the industry calls a tonal effect. These carpets are great at covering dirt, but don’t use that as an excuse for regular maintenance!
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Heather, Tweed and Berbers

There are many carpet ranges that incorporate yarns spun with different colour fibres. This results in a mottled appearance known as a “Heather” or “Tweed” that helps to soften the carpet’s presence within the room. Heather and Tweed are available in twist pile, velour and velvet and many loop pile styles are now making use of this technique.

Berber styles contain chunks of different shades in neutral tones for a natural, hand spun appearance. Again Berber is becoming an increasingly common style as it gives an ideal mix of natural tones with great dirt hiding qualities, until you get round to vacuuming.
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